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Versele Laga Cat Litter Silica Crystal Color Extreme Absorption 5ltr

Tk 800/- Tk 750/-
  • Product Code: Versele Laga Cat Litter Silica Crystal Extreme Absorption 5ltr
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Versele-Laga Silica. Cat litter made of ultra-absorbent white and blue grains to inhibit the germinative development of bacteria. Tremendous absorption, completely neutralizes bad odours. Lightweight and 100 % environmentally friendly.
Directions for use

Fill the litter box with a layer of about 3 cm of Versele-Laga Silica. Remove the excrements systematically, which is easy because of the extremely high absorptive power of this litter. Put your litter box in a dry place, as this prolongs its effect.

1 Bag 1 Cat 1 Month

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