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Royal Canin Pouch Maxi Adult Dog Food 140gm

Tk 200/- Tk 160/-
  • Product Code: Royal Canin Pouch Maxi Adult Dog Food 140gm
  • Availability: 20
  • COMPLETE & BALANCED NUTRITION FOR ADULT DOGS- Royal Canin gravy food is a complete and balanced diet for adult dogs of maxi breed aged between 15 months to 8 years
  • IMPROVES DIGESTIVE HEALTH- This food is an assortment of antioxidants including Vitamin E and other essential nutrients that improve digestion and builds dog’s natural defenses.
  • PROTEIN RICH DIET- Royal Canin gravy food for adult dogs is a protein-rich diet which is a mixture of chicken and its by-products that comes in the form of chunks in gravy.
  • PROMOTES OVERALL DEVELOPMENT- This food contains thiamine mononitrate commonly known as vitamin B1 and other essential vitamins and minerals that is helpful in the overall development of dogs.

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