Truly Grain Free Premium Kitten Health Chicken 1.5kg


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Truly GRAIN FREE Kitten Health Chicken is the Complete & Balanced Nutrition for Your Kitten. Truly is Currently one of the Best Food Available in Bangladeshi Market. Truly is GRAIN FREE Catfood Which Means Truly Inclues NO CORN, NO SOYABEAN, NO RICE, NO POTATO, NO WHEAT. Even, It doesnt Have any Genetically Modified (GMO) Products. NO COLOUR is Added, Even NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS, NO CHEMICAL FLAVOURINGS are Added. Truly Includes REAL EGG YOLK Cubes which Makes Your Kittens Crazy. Many Natural Herbs, Vegetables and Fruit Extracts are Also Added to Give Your Kittens Best Nutrition. Truely, It will be the Best Feeding Experience for Your Kittens. This Delicious Meal Providing 100% of All Essential Nutrients that Cats Need to Grow Healthy and Strong. Made with Best Quality Ingredients Sourced from Nature. Made of Quality Meat to Provide Amino Acids to Maintain Good Muscle Mass by Giving HIGHEST PROTEIN. Optimum Fat Ensures High Energy and Essential Fatty Acids Maintain Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat. All Necessary Vitamins for Body Functions and Enhancement of the Immune system are Included. All Necessary Minerals for Body Functions and Strengthen Bones and Teeth are Included. Added Omega 3 & 6 Ensure Shiny & Beautiful Coat & Healty Skin. Extra Probiotics & Prebiotics Help Boosting Immunity. Taurine Plus Ensures Proper Eye & Brain Function. It’s HYPOALLERGENIC which means Felicia Causes NO ALLERGIC REACTION to your Kitten’s Skin.



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