Introducing Drools Creamy Treats – the perfect blend of nutrition and bonding for your furry companion! Packed with high-quality protein, these delectable treats are designed to enhance the well-being of your pet in more ways than one.

Nutritional Value:

  1. Crude Protein (Min.) 5%
  2. Crude Fat (Min.) 2%
  3. Crude Fibre (Max.) 2%
  4. Moisture (Max) 85
  1. High-Quality Protein: We understand the importance of providing your pet with the best nutrition. That’s why Drools Creamy Treats are enriched with high-quality protein, promoting strong muscles and overall vitality.
  2. Easy to Hand Feed: Strengthen the bond with your pet by hand-feeding them these delightful treats. The convenient size and texture make it easy for you to engage in interactive and rewarding moments with your beloved furry friend.
  3. Creates Better Bonding: A treat that not only satisfies your pet’s taste buds but also fosters a stronger connection between you and your companion. Sharing these moments of joy and deliciousness helps build trust and affection.
  4. Higher Moisture for Easy Acceptance: Drools Creamy Treats boast a higher moisture content, ensuring easy acceptance by even the pickiest eaters. The tempting texture and moisture-rich formulation make these treats an irresistible delight for your pet.



  • Standard Courier Delivery (per kg) (Within Dhaka City) (Schedule : Next Day Saturday - Thursday) = Tk 50/-
  • Standard Express Service Delivery (per kg) (Outside Dhaka City) (Schedule : Next Day or Day After Saturday - Thursday) = Tk 100/-
  • Special Delivery (per kg) (Within Dhaka City) (Schedule : Same Day) = Tk 200/-