BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilized is formulated to neutered or overweight cats. It contains carefully balanced protein and fat levels to provide weight control in a healthy way, whilst still providing all of the essential nutrients in a delicious food.

BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilised contains an optimal protein: fat ratio to help cats lose excess fat in a controlled way, whilst maintaining lean muscle health.

BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilised contains balanced and optimal levels of essential minerals, to help reduce the risk of urinary stones.

BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilised contains natural prebiotic fibres to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce pathogenic strains, thereby supporting immunity and optimising digestion.

By using highly digestible ingredients and gentle cooking processes, BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilised ensures maximum digestibility.

BonaCibo Cat Light & Sterilised contains enriched blend of vitamins, amino acids and right balance of Omega-6 : Omega – 3 fatty acid ratio to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Optimal levels of vitamins are included to support metabolism and ensure sustained energy production. Essential trace minerals are also included in forms that are readily absorbed and utilised by the body.

Balanced fiber content helps the passage of hair balls, which causes deterioration of the digestive system, easily by dissolving.

Essantial Taurine is added in generous quantities to ensure correct functioning of the nervous system and eyes and to support a strong heart.



  • Standard Courier Delivery (per kg) (Within Dhaka City) (Schedule : Next Day Saturday - Thursday) = Tk 50/-
  • Standard Express Service Delivery (per kg) (Outside Dhaka City) (Schedule : Next Day or Day After Saturday - Thursday) = Tk 100/-
  • Special Delivery (per kg) (Within Dhaka City) (Schedule : Same Day) = Tk 200/-