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Kiki Excellent Max Menu Budgerigar Food 1kg

Tk 220/-
  • Product Code: Kiki Excellent Max Menu Budgerigar Food 1kg
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The Kiki Excellent Max Menu in 1kg pack is a complete food for all your budgerigars. This is a healthy mix of quality seeds and grains that include yellow, red and white millet, canary seed, hulled oats, aimiel corn, paniset along with the necessary minerals and vitamin granules that ensure optimal health for all your feathery friends.

The 1kg pack of Excellent Max Menu Budgerigar food is a complete and balanced diet for your birds. This is not high in fat content and ensures that the bird does not become obese as some home foods can increase the weight of your pet and due to the limited movement within a cage, it can result in a lot of health problems. In addition the food is fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals that will ensure appropriate growth and maintain the general health of your budgerigar.


  • Complete food for budgerigars
  • Helps to maintain general health
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Facilitates healthy growth

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